Petroleum Parts Supply Pte Ltd
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Being an important supplier means having the required parts at all times.

As a critical parts supplier, product quality is paramount. Petroleum Parts Supply is an important supplier providing critical parts to drilling contractors since 1990.

We inventory your requirements for:

Koomey, NL Shaffer, Stewart & Stevenson & Valvcon BOP and Accumulator Controls.
  Cameron, Shaffer, Flocon, QVM & Foley Gate Valves.
  Cameron, Shaffer & Hydril Blowout Preventers.
  Cameron Drilling & Adjustable Chokes.
  Cameron Type R / Type MS, QVM & Lynn Check Valves.
  Cameron F Cup-Type Testers.
  Nov/Retsco Reset Relief Valves.
  Swaco Super Choke.
  Gray IBOP
  TIW Kelly / Safety Valves.
  Hydril KellyGuard / CheckGuard.
  Hydril & Continental Emsco Pulsation Dampeners.
  Halliburton Plug Valves
  Mud  Pump Fluid End Expendables
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